1. Lighters

    The lighter has long been a successful gift for a smoking person. It can become an item, that indicates the high status of the owner. A high-quality Zippo lighter can be purchased for personal daily use. Its advantages are high reliability and robustness of the hull. The service life of such a lighter is practically unlimited, since the fuel is regularly refilled. 

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  2. Knives

    The knife has long been treated as a typical male gift. Having a genuine Swiss knife is the dream of every man, which does not pass with age. Such a knife really has a lot of functions. It is compact, since all the instruments in it are folded inward. The original Swiss knife will become an indispensable subject for every tourist and active leisure lovers. 

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  3. Pens

    pen is important for every successful person, as well as for those who aspire to emphasize their status. The pen has long occupied a solid place on the tables of important executives, as well as in the pockets of many office employees. It can become a gift not only to high-ranking people, but also for employees of a lower rank. Pens are made of high quality materials. 

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