Information about payment

Payment details

For the convenience of our customers, we offer various payment methods. Each customer can choose the system that is best suited for him. For Lithuanian citizens there is a possibility for collect on delivery. It allows customer to pay for the goods in cash to courier on receive. In this case is also provided an additional payment of 1,50 €. Many customers prefer such mode of payment, since it is the most reliable. Today, the electronical banking is very popular. For those, who use electronic payment systems, we offer a convenient and secure system With help of this service, it is possible to make a payment even with a foreign bank. The banks that cooperate with this system are following: Šiaulių Bankas, Nordea Bank AB, Danske Bank, DNB Bank, Swedbank and other. This is the most convenient method of payment for customers from the rest of the Europe. Payment through the can be done any time and place it is convenient. Electronical banking is available not only through PC, but also on mobile electronical devices connected to the internet.

For the legal entities, as well as those customers, who require documentary confirmation of the payment, we are proposing payment by bank transfer. This is a secure method of payment, because it is not depending on the internet connection and virtual services. Our websites are provided with all necessary details, that allows you to transfer the money to our account. For a successful transfer it is necessary to apply to the bank branch and to fill in corresponding receipt. If the customer chooses the electronical payments or bank transfer, the payment for the order have to be done before pending the receipt. In case if the goods do not fit, the refund can be arranged.