About returg goods

Return of the goods

Our internet store cares about convenience of the customers. If the customer changes his mind or necessity of the goods are no longer required, the customer has right to return the goods within 7 days after purchase. We will refund the money for the goods except for delivery and return payments. The intention to return the good should be reported by email. A special form will be sent, that customer have to fill in, in order to return the goods of appropriate quality. The application shall be supported by documentation, certifying the purchase, exactly: receipt and warranty card. The goods have to be the same as those goods received by customer. It must retain neat appearance. Packing of the goods also should be carefully preserved. Delivery is carried out by special courier service. If amount of the order exceeds 60 €, the delivery will be free of charge. However, if the customer decides to return goods, he has to pay for return shipping.

The cost of return shipping will vary depending on the type of product. Delivery cost of small size goods, for example watch, lightweight wall clock and alarm clock, will be 5 €. Return of large goods (floor and large bracket clock) would cost 10 €. We do not refund tax fee, that customer paid in cash. Return goods that are purchased in the retail store, are possible within a week of the purchase. To do this, you have to visit the same store, where the purchase was done. Also you have to provide the receipt, package and goods in intact condition. In the retail store customer can fill in relevant form of restitution. In this case, there would be no delivery expenditure.