About security policy

Security policy

Watch Store” guarantee confidentiality of customers personal data. We do not share the information, including address, email and personal data to a third party. Customer personal data are processed with a full respect for regulations aspects and laws of Republic of Lithuania. The address and name of the customer can be only known by Republic of Lithuania postal employees, who need that for the order delivery. Thanks to user-friendly interface of our website, customers can coordinate, block, change and delete customer personal data in an account. All the input data are stored only for personal use of the customer. Payment for goods can be done in number of ways: cash payment to the courier, bank transfer, internet payment systems, payment at post offices. Payment method are chosen by the customer depending on their preferences. While choosing the method of payment on the website, electronic payment systems and bank transfer forms, the payment systems opens automatically. We use system paysera.lt, that ensures the security of order and payment. All the entered data used only by the bank. This information is not shared with us.

To ensure the total safety of your personal data, it is forbidden to ask store employs for any personal data. Our employs do not have access to customer accounts and passwords. We ask our customer, newer share account password, credit card numbers or PIN code and also personal information that can be used to detriment of the customer. These data are also forbidden to indicate in emails. Vigilance and accuracy guarantee safety of funds.